Learn Editing and Proofreading Skills


Why Copyediting training?

->You are a graduate and wanted to pursue career as copyeditor 

    ->You wanted to shift your career for various reason

      ->Second career due to sabbatical break

        ->Interested to work from home

            Professional Course In Copyediting and Proofreading

            WHO ARE WE?

            We are industry specialists, having trained more than 1000 copy editors in different MNCs. We have more than 23 years of experience in the publishing and training industry. Learn editing and proofreading skills with our certification course. We largely support PhD scholars in editing their thesis and research articles.


            Our organization is distinguished by our dedication to excellence and satisfaction. We provide highly interactive training sessions, taught by experienced faculty. In addition to the fundamental theories and concepts, we supplement sessions with exercises, discussions and case studies to make sure that each student gets the maximum benefit from their training. Believing that learning is not restricted to a classroom, we are committed to providing you support even after you complete the course to help you fully realize your goals. 

            WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU?

            Many MNCs are looking for copy editors / proofreaders who have an eye for detail. A certified person in copy editing would be an ideal candidate as he/she can save a lot of training investment for the company. Our professional copy editing and proofreading courses will help you land in your dream job and also command a better pay pack.